In today’s always-on, multi-device and connected world where multi-channel engagement is the new black, you could be forgiven for thinking the telephone is no longer as important a channel as it once was. In practice, it still remains the most efficient and powerful way of engaging with your current and future customers. No matter how much lead nurturing you undertake with your prospects across other channels like email and social media, at some point the chances are that you will wish to physically speak with them by phone.

Factoring in the wider backdrop of compliance, legislation, permission based communication and data decay, the real business need for valid and genuinely contactable phone numbers is now greater than ever. Phone number verification and validation is the single best way to make sure that you not only remain complaint but that you ensure customer satisfaction, protect your brand and maximise your efforts across what can certainly be an expensive channel if your data is not right.

With Verso’s expert telephone validation and verification service, we can help ensure that you collect accurate, opted-in and correctly formatted phone numbers and then easily identify the basics like location, whether the number is mobile or landline and any other actionable information that we have available on that consumer or business.

Our robust, real-time telephone verification and validation service provides for:

  • Accurate phone numbers
  • Easy segmentation for telemarketing & SMS’s campaigns
  • The appending of names, addresses & other information to collected phone numbers
  • Easy dialer formatting
  • Daily dead tone validation
  • Comprehensive integration & support service
  • Full security & compliance

Just some of the many reasons to use our telephone validation and verification service include:

  • Validate, cleanse & verify your phone numbers before you bring them into your database.
  • Improved the performance of your outbound telemarketing campaigns & enhance penetration with prospects across SMS & mobile marketing
  • Easily discriminate between landline & mobile numbers
  • Alleviate your legislative & compliance risks