The Telemarketing team runs Inbound and outbound call centre services based in the following countries.

Montreal; Canada,
El Salvador; USA,
Kolkata; India
Manila; Philippines

The main office is based the UK.

The prime objective is to give the power back to consumers by offering money saving options on carefully selected products ranging from Sky TV, Broadband, Household utilities to help make your monthly outgoings much lower making for a more comfortable lifestyle and allowing you to spend your hard earned money on the things you like.

Versosurveys have 5 main teams that you may hear from, British savers survey club, I love my offers, UK Savers Club, National View Point & Household Savers Club. All are offering you fantastic opportunities to save money or claim back money that you are unaware of.

If you are a business and would like to add a question to our Telemarketing survey please contact us here