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Co Reg Leads

Co Reg Leads

co-reg leadsNavigating a post-GDPR world, companies need to be savvier and more meticulous about collecting outbound consent via lead generation. Businesses today are struggling to generate high-quality leads. Thankfully, there are a few GDPR-complied ways to generate high-quality leads successfully. Co-registration or Co-reg lead generation is one such method of generating qualified and highly targeted leads.
At Verso, we have vast experience in lead generation, the compliant way. We can help you get high-quality co-reg leads that convert.

What are co-reg leads?

Co-registration (or Coreg) lead generation is a method of generating highly qualified and targeted leads. Co-registration (co-reg) is a top-rated marketing tool that uses a preferred list or offers to generate leads for other offers. This arrangement to share a user’s information (if and only if the user agrees) can introduce new potential customers to a company in a non-invasive, low-cost way. Some co-registration programs only display a few offers while others display pages of promotions.

How to generate co-reg leads?

Co-reg Leads are obtained by presenting the company’s offer to audiences who are completing an online survey, usually through incentivising the traffic. We place your co-registration leads to individual targeted websites as well as through placement on bigger publisher networks. We will have your offer featured on third-party websites and generate high quality leads for your business.

There are many benefits of using Co-reg leads for your business. These leads:

  • Are typically less expensive

  • It can sometimes generate a very high number of leads in a short amount of time

  • It can also be very targeted based on the initial offer or list, which first generated the lead.

At Verso, our lead generation experts can help you generate highly qualified and targeted leads using a custom co-registration lead generation campaign for you. We are known to generate very high numbers of targeted and motivated leads for our clients through co-registration.

Process to Generate Co-reg Leads

Our state-of-the-art co-registration lead generation strategy involves six steps:

Audit & Objectives

First of all, we prospect and research your ideal audience to determine the goal of your lead generation campaign strategy.

Identify Key Decision Makers

Using your ideal audience persona, we then identify the shared characteristics among them. It helps us identify those who match these traits as potential prospects. It helps us to determine what type of offers can attract their attention.

Campaign Implementation

We create a custom co-reg campaign designed to increase your conversion rates. We post your offer on various third-party websites and optimise them for increased visibility. When your prospective customers come across these offers and choose to opt-in, we validate those leads, and only after a thorough validation process, we send the leads over to you.

Results Monitoring

We provide you access to reports on your campaign in real-time. This way, you will get alerted if a lead stands out.


We also provide a monthly report outlining the strategy and the campaign response.

Strategy Review

We use the findings of our results monitoring and the monthly reports to understand how the lead generation campaign is doing. The insight also helps us in our future campaigns.

GDPR Compliant Co-reg Leads

In the post-GDPR era, businesses must protect the privacy of their audience and use only GDPR compliant leads to maintain their brand reputation. Therefore, you need to be cautious with your lead generation strategy. Our co-reg lead generation strategy allows us to generate leads that fall under the GDPR legislation and are 100% opted in.

As a leading name among the lead generation companies in the UK, we have a thorough understanding of lead generation post-GDPR. We can bring you 100% opted-in GDPR compliant leads through co-registration. To know how Verso can help you boost your co-reg Lead Campaign and gain high-quality leads that convert, contact us today!

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