We’re all about flexing technology to connect buyers with sellers when they’re ready to purchase. Our pay as you go hot key transfer campaigns capitalise on these timely interactions by connecting you with highly qualified and quality controlled hot opportunities in real time and we work closely with you to ensure the whole process is seamless. Our highly trained staff will cue up the call on your behalf and ensure in advance that the consumer is completely comfortable with your brand and offer.

If your business has an inbound capability then Verso’s pay-as-you-go hotkey transfer campaigns are absolutely proven to deliver highly qualified and high velocity sales conversion in real time and we excel in positioning the right products with the right prospects, right now. We ensure that only those prospects who are genuinely interested in your product or service - and who want to purchase – are connected with you.

Verso expedite the end-to-end hot key transfer process for you simply and efficiently. At the end of a consumer survey (where a prospect has indicated an interest in your product or service), and with the overt consent of the prospect, our skilled agents pass the consumers details to our dedicated follow-up team. A member of this team then calls the prospect to reconfirm and supercharge their interest and we will provide them with expanded information, if necessary, using bespoke scripts developed with you. Prospects are then asked if they would like to talk with your sales team and, only with their express consent, the call is immediately transferred to your inbound sales team to close the deal.

As part of the campaign set-up, we integrate any specific handover and/or technical requirements you may have.

With Verso’s PAYG hot key campaigns, you will always benefit from highly visible, measurable and entirely predictable sales results. Our clients only ever pay for successful hot key transfers that meet exacting pre-qualification criteria agreed with you in advance and we provide a flexible solution that enables marketers to better manage their CPA’s by other eliminating ancillary costs such as data.

We flex a raft of our own powerful datasets for you – persona based datasets that allow us to precision target your ideal audience. The net result is Verso produce sustainable and scalable volumes of customers who are ready to immediately purchase your product or service and we do so via a PAYG performance pricing model.