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Call Centre/BPO

Call Centre/BPO

bpoVerso is a part of Fusion BPO Group, one of the most prominent names in the global BPO scene. As a result, Verso can help our clients to fulfill their call centre needs by becoming their call centre partner. With a vast experience in telemarketing, lead generation and email marketing, we can also take charge of your customer communications, making it more efficient, effective and engaging.

From playing the role of your customer relationship manager to taking the helm of market research, collection, lead generation and appointment setting, our expert call centre team at Verso can handle anything. Our call centre service offerings present you with an eclectic combination of cutting-edge technology, robust infrastructure, and skills. Our multi-channel, multilingual call centre services allow us to help our clients from various industry deliver better customer experience, earn loyalty and increase the bottom line.

We offer a host of call centre services that can be roughly categorized under three main heads.

  • Inbound Services

  • Outbound Services

  • Back Office Services

Inbound Call Centre Services

  • Customer Service

  • Answering Services

  • Retention

  • Billing/Invoice Support

  • Refund Claim Processing

  • Inquiry Handling

  • Direct Response Tele Sales

  • Email Support

  • Live Chat Support

Outbound Call Centre Services

  • Lead Generation

  • Fundraising

  • Collections and Recovery

  • Cross-Selling and Upselling

  • Appointment Setting

  • Market Research

Back Office Services

  • Order Fulfillment

  • Account Receivable/Payable

  • Billing/Invoicing Support

  • Order Tracking

  • Refund Claim Processing

At Verso, we always strive to live up to our clients’ expectations while rendering call centre services. Whether our client is a significant corporate entity or a small business, we serve them with the same dedication and a commitment to excellence and ensure that our services bring them the desired results.

To know more about our call centre service offerings, contact us today!


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