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Data Profiling

Data Profiling

Data ProfilingStudies show that on average, 30% of data in an organisation is inaccurate. So, when you base your decisions on partially inaccurate data, chances are your decisions may not be the best for your organisation. Therefore, it is essential to put your data under a microscope and uncover the underlying issues, correct them and continue the process to have clear, concise and bankable data.

All our data is amassed form both online and telephone channels. We can provide you with every type of consumer list needed for your marketing campaigns. We will work with you to know the unique requirements of your project and provide you with different options to find your ideal prospect list. We always suggest you with different options that fit right into your marketing budget and help you to achieve the ROI faster.

Data Profiling can help you to:

  • Structure Discovery – Validating data and table consistency

  • Content Discovery – Identifying systemic issues via low-level discovery

  • Relationship Discovery – Understand the relations between tables and data items

  • Drive Accuracy – Reporting and confidence in data

  • Practical insight as well as value generation from data

Verso’s data profiling service analyze data before it is put into your data warehouse, thus helps you maintain consistent data quality. Our data profiling service enables you to develop informed strategies on how best to manage and use your data. We help you:

What sets us apart?

  • Enhance data governance and data warehousing efforts – It allows you to drive better business intelligence and analytics throughout the organisation

  • Performing Data Quality AssessmentsEnforce business rules on incoming records – It enables you to maintain data standards, collect data, and format the same in a manner that is easy to understand and analyse.

  • Showcase ongoing Data Quality improvements to stakeholders

  • Understand potential data relationships at source – It can bring value and insight

  • Make critical project decisions based on the quality of data

  • Discovering Metadata and Lineage – Assessing its accuracy can help you stay compliant

  • Create a metadata repository – It helps you in building strategic data repositories to resolve doubts throughout data entities

  • Evaluate the quality of source data before conducting a data migration

With our Data Profiling support, you can enjoy

  • Improved Data Quality

  • Improved trust in data for accurate insights

  • Shorter Implementation Cycles for BI and Data Solutions

  • Improved user understanding

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