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Data cleanse

Data cleanse

Data CleanseWhile data is one of the most valuable assets for your business, its decay is a significant pain point for businesses. On average, customer data decays by 30% and business data by 70% each year. As a result, the customer and marketing data stored in your database lose their value very soon and need to be cleansed, validated, and upscaled from time to time to be useful.

Verso has the people, the automated tools, and the expertise to help your data stay valuable. Our best in class services aid you in reducing your wastage and cost that comes with using outdated data to engage customers who have since moved or changed their contact details. Most importantly, our services help your business stay compliant with the oft-changing DMA and ICO guidelines.

Every year in the UK alone –

  • Millions of people move home

  • Several hundred thousand people die

  • Royal Mail change over half a million postal addresses

  • Around a quarter of a million new people sign up to the MPS (Mailing Preference Service) with tens of thousands more households joining the already sizeable TPS (telephone preference service) list

  • Almost 6 million people change their contact details

  • Around 60,000 people change their name entirely

  • On average, 30% of all personal emails become obsolete each year as users change to a new address

While you can’t stop change, you can at least stay on top of it and keep your data up to date. Failing to do so can negatively impact your sales and marketing activities, give rise to non-compliance issues, damage your brand, and result in customer attrition. Therefore, it is wise to outsource your data cleansing services to an expert like Verso Group and reap the benefits of a clean and compliant database.

Why Should You Opt for Our Data Cleansing Service?

  • Reduce Marketing Costs – trying to contact people who are not there is a wastage of your money. Data cleansing service helps you get it right the first time and save significantly.

  • Increase Response Rates/Contact Rates – With clean data you have a chance to get more responses from your prospects

  • Protect Your Brand – Using inaccurate data cause a negative perception, which is bad for your brand’s reputation.

  • Increase Sales – you have the chance to reach more people with accurate data. Outbound dialling has always been driven by the numbers game. With clean data, you can put the numbers back in your favour.

  • Best Practice – a clean database complies with Direct Marketing Association guidelines

Verso Group uses all suppressions listed below, including:

  • Bereavement and Mortality suppression

  • NCOA – National Change of Address file

  • TPS and MPS

  • ER – Electoral Role

  • PAF – Postal Address Verification

  • Email Validation

  • Mobile HLR lookups to remove dead numbers or discontinued contracts

  • Landline PING lookups to remove movers & number switchers

  • Stop File suppressions

  • De-Duplication

At Verso, we are passionate about data integrity. We have the right tools, processes, people, and skills to help you keep your data and compliance up to date and help monetise the long-term value of it to your business.

Verso offers a free data audit, which will let you know your compliance score and identify inaccuracy and other issues in your data. We want to invite you in for this data audit to check the health of your database for free. For more information on that matter, contact us today!

Our services

Our other service offerings

Besides data cleansing, Verso Group also offers a variety of services to help our clients save costs, increase operational efficiency, and earn better revenue. Our other services include:

  • Data append – Our data appending service can enrich your data with cross-channel techniques and formidable in-house data assets to provide you with a deeper understanding of your customers and prospects, which will help you plan your future strategies.

  • Validation/verification – With Verso’s expert telephone validation and verification service, we ensure that you collect accurate, opted-in, and correctly formatted phone numbers and identify the necessary actionable information about a customer or business.

  • Management consultancy – Verso’s management consultancy team focus rigorously on results and offer optimised solutions that are strategically aligned to your objectives, your budget, and your ROI.

To know more about our Data Cleanse programs, contact us today!


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