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Consumer data list

Consumer data list

Consumer Data ListHigh-quality consumer data is the key to success for every B2C company. It allows businesses to increase their reach and present their message to a new targeted audience. Therefore, it is crucial that the data list used to acquire new customers contain clear, accurate and up to date data that makes the marketing campaigns far easier. At Verso, we provide our clients with a range of consumer data lists complete with postal, telephone and email contact details.

All our data is amassed form both online and telephone channel. We can provide you with every type of consumer list needed for your marketing campaigns. We will work with you to know the unique requirements of your project and provide you with different options to find your ideal prospect list. We always suggest you with different options that fit right into your marketing budget and help you to achieve the ROI faster.

We can refine your ideal data by many criteria, including: –

  • Age

  • Employment status

  • Income

  • Lifestyle interests

  • Insurance

  • Marital status

  • Geography

We provide GDPR-compliant, TPS-cleaned, HLR-checked, permission-based, ‘processed-under-consent’, consumer leads by sector and channel across various industry verticals, including, home & life insurance, PMI, utilities, broadband, white goods warranty, Funeral plan and much more.

What sets us apart?

List Rental

One of the most cost-effective data set, list rental is ideal for new companies.

Online Leads

You can get your hands on exclusive leads collected from different competition websites, product tester, web forms, co-registration sites and much more in real-time.

Telephone Leads

At Verso, we can generate qualified leads with brand opted-in using our call centre. These leads are delivered within 24 hours of collection.

2nd Use Data

As a more cost-effective option, we can provide you with qualified leads which are out of 1st Use exclusivity period. These leads are generally between 28 days to 3 months old from the day of collection.

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