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Drive revenue and ROI with knowledge and performance

With Verso’s proprietary technology, innovative techniques, and world-class infrastructure, our client-driven team deliver excellent service and results to many of the UK’s leading brands.

About Verso Group

Who Are We?

Verso Group is UK’s Premier Multi-Channel Lead Generation Provider delivering high-quality, high-impact sales leads that convert with incredible velocity and ROI. With our exclusive technology, innovative techniques, and topnotch infrastructure Verso provides practical solutions and positive results to many of the UK’s leading brands.

Verso is a part of the Fusion BPO Group of companies. We are the largest telephone lead generation channel in the UK and provide an extensive range of value-added products and services that leverage data and digital disciplines to drive sales revenue and marketing ROI with high performing, multi-channel campaigns.

Product and services


With Verso’s expert telephone validation and verification service, we ensure that you collect accurate, opted-in, and correctly formatted phone numbers and identify the necessary actionable information about a customer or business.

Data Append

Our data appending service can enrich your data with cross-channel techniques and formidable in-house data assets to provide you with a deeper understanding of your customers and prospects, which will help you plan your future strategies.

Data cleanse

Verso’s data cleansing service helps you to stay on top of your consumer and marketing data and compliance and reap the benefits of a clean database.

Email Marketing

Verso has real-time access to millions of opted-in, personalised, and accurate email addresses that can be used to drive successful digital campaigns for you. We can help you plan, implement, and track your email campaigns. We can also help you broadcast the campaign to ensure greater success.

Profiled Consumer Data

We source, capture, compile, enhance, and supply the most up-to-date and highly profiled consumer lifestyle data available in the UK today. Our secure database holds exceptionally high volumes of live, fresh, and remarkably accurate opted-in data through the use of proprietary analytical methods, automated suppression tools, feedback loops, and regular structured interaction with the base.

Lead Generation

As the UK’s premier lead generation and consumer data provider, we provide high-quality, high-impact, and pre-qualified sales lead with a high conversion rate to our clients. Our products, quality control process, and advanced survey technology bring you genuine new customers in real-time.

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