Data can decay at an alarming rate and for many of our clients data compliance is a significant pain point. Verso has the people, the automated tools and the expertise to help protect, clean, validate and upscale your vital customer and marketing data. Our class-leading services will not only protect your business from a compliancy perspective but will help you reduce your wastage and cost by mitigating the amount of time you spend attempting to contact customers who have moved or changed their contact details. You can’t engage with people if they’re simply not there.

The negative consequences of bad data to your business can be dramatic and the DMA and ICO guidelines are constantly changing to protect consumers by ensuring that direct marketers remain completely above board in their targeting and communication. Best practice evolves so rapidly that compliance can become a difficult and expensive thing to stay on top of and we predict that 6 monthly data audits will soon become the norm. The argument for outsourcing fundamental elements of the fluid and complex minefield of compliance to an expert like Verso is increasingly compelling, especially when you consider that every year in the UK:

Every year in the UK alone -

  • Millions of people move home
  • Several hundred thousand people die
  • Royal Mail change over half a million postal addresses
  • Around a quarter of a million new people sign up to the MPS (Mailing Preference Service) with tens of thousands more households joining the already sizeable TPS (telephone preference service) list
  • Almost 6 million people change their contact details
  • Around 60,000 people change their name entirely
  • On average, 30% of all personal emails become obsolete each year as users change to a new address

Common sense dictates that if your business neglects to keep up with the pace of organic change your data will decay and it will, eventually, have a negative impact on the success of all your sales and marketing activity. It will ultimately affect your bottom line and can even damage your brand and cause attrition among your existing customers.

Your data is a tangible business asset and you are legally compelled to conform to relevant standards of compliance. By using Verso’s data cleansing service you can professionally, expediently and economically address all your critical data compliance and accuracy issues. We can carefully cleanse your data and provide you with up-to-date and validated records which surpass compliance standards and which help you extract maximum value from your data asset. In most cases, data cleansing proves to be completely self-financing (and indeed profitable). Some key questions for you to consider:

Why should you opt for data cleansing service?

  • Reduce Marketing Costs – there is no point wasting money contacting people who aren’t there or will never answer the phone
  • Increase Response Rates/Contact Rates – you have a chance to get more responses from your prospects
  • Protect Your Brand – incorrect details cause a negative perception which is bad for your brand’s reputation
  • Increase Sales – the more people you physically speak to the more sales you will make. Outbound dialing has always been driven by the numbers game. Why not put the numbers back in your favour?
  • Best Practice – a clean database complies with Direct Marketing Association guidelines

Verso Group use all suppressions listed below, including:

  • Bereavement and Mortality suppression
  • NCOA – National Change of Address file
  • TPS and MPS
  • ER – Electoral Role
  • PAF – Postal Address Verification
  • Email Validation
  • Mobile HLR lookups to remove dead numbers or discontinued contracts
  • Landline PING lookups to remove movers & number switchers
  • Stop File suppressions
  • De-Duplication

We are passionate about data integrity and have all the tools, processes, people and economies of scale in house to help you stay on top of your data and compliance – and help monetize the true long term value of it to your business. We offer a completely free data audit that will make you fully aware of your compliancy score and demonstrate your current exposure to incorrect or obsolete information. Chances are that you may be doing all the right things already but it never hurts to get a professional second opinion from the data compliance and data cleansing experts, especially when it’s free.