Whether it’s appending value-added fields like social media identities or overlaying other valuable attributes like known buying behaviours; Verso are specialists in using our cross-channel techniques and formidable in-house data assets to add predictable and measurable value to your data.

In the new age of engagement, it’s commonsense that gaining a deeper and superior understanding of the characteristics of your customers and prospects will help you target them with more precision to generate more business. With Verso’s Data Append service, we can help you economically add unique and rich new attributes to your data so that you can add additional communication channels, stitch together identities between online and offline data, predict future behaviours, pinpoint buying trends and identify those consumers who are most likely to become your customers, spend more or even churn.

We can provide you with significant insight into your customers - whether they’re consumers or businesses - and dovetail this intelligence with our other services to find you lookalikes.

From a B2C perspective, Verso hosts a vast and high quality UK consumer database that’s packed with permission-based data for millions of consumers and which is well populated with accurate phone numbers, mobiles and emails. We overlay census tract data, census geo codes, lifestyle data, latitude/longitude, household data and known purchase behaviour across the entire file.

With Verso Data Append you can -

  • Gathering missing information and fill in the critical blanks in your data
  • Append email, telephone or mobile phone data
  • Add data that gives you a profound understanding of your customers and prospects
  • Establish and predict the behaviours and buying patterns of your future prospects
  • Better underpin the ability to identify lookalikes
  • Drive more targeted and personalised sales and marketing campaigns
  • Stitch together your online and offline data – and even overlay known social media profiles
  • Ensure your data is legally compliant

Given the proven benefits, many of our customers consider data appending to not only be self-financing but profitable so if you do wish to gain a deeper insight into your current and future customers and boost your profits then give us a call today. We’ll even provide you with a free report showing you precisely what value we can add to your database and what it would cost.